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Phone: (704) 776-4640
Product Support: (704) 400-9835

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  1. The exact measurements for our smallest Cool Water Cone is: width at base diameter 1.25″ (1 1/4 inches.) The tip diameter measures .375″ (3/8 inch). The length from tip to base is 4.125″ (4 1/8 inches)

    For approximate sizing of the cones visit our website

    The medium Cool Water Cones measures, at base about 1 and 7/8 inches at diameter. The tip is about 3/4 inch. The length is just over 5 inches.

    The Large Cool Water Cone approx. measurements are at base diameter of 2 inches. The tip is about 1 inch. The length is just under 6 inches.

    Cool Water Cones are intended for the patient to hold onto the base of their cone during use. This allows for the patient to apply angular pressure, and rotation, along with any other muscle control exercise you may be prescribing. Please keep in mind, for this reason, your patient will not experience full length penetration of each sized cone.

  2. Ned Snyder, MD

    I am a reconstructive surgeon. I regularly have patients that we prescribe vaginal dilation. I have not always been happy with the commercially available dilators, and have found many to be too large or uncomfortable for my patients as a starting point. Can you tell me the diameter of your dilators (particularly the smallest)?
    Thank you,
    Ned Snyder

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