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Welcome to World Menopause Day Ladies!

Welcome to World Menopause Day Ladies! Its not a celebration. Its a reminder that, at an average age of 52, you can expect to lose your sexual confidence and suffer (in silence) from vaginal atrophy. You’ve come a long way baby…


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September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

In the United States, an estimated 80,720 new cases of gynecologic cancer will be diagnosed in 2009 and an estimated 28,120 deaths nationwide will be attributed to gynecologic cancer. These cancers affect the female reproductive system and include the cervix, endometrium, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and vagina.

In an effort to increase public awareness about gynecologic cancer, Cool Water Cones join other organizations nationwide to promote Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month in September.

Gynecologic cancer facts

* On average, every 6.4 minutes a woman in this country will be diagnosed with a cancer of the reproductive organs.

* All women over age 18 should have a yearly Pap test (also known as a Pap Smear) and pelvic exam to establish a pattern of gynecologic health.

UPMC developed a website of resource information for learning more about gynecologic cancer:

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